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Home Energy Use and Efficiency

Home energy savings


Step 1: Download our Everyday Environmental Stewardship (EES) brief on the Home Energy Audit.

Step 2: Read the Home Energy Audit EES and do what it says, including making use of MIP&L's House Utility Use & Cost excel worksheet - download and complete. Have this form ready when you have your Home Energy Audit. Then continue to track your energy usage with this form.

(Remember: stewardship is what we do. Cost is the consequence of our stewardship. And cost is about the world, not just money!)

Step 3: Implement the findings of your Home Energy Audit. Then use some of the $$ you save to buy Green Electricity!

Step 4: Now YOU are a success story! Tell us about it - and we'll post it on the site!



Massachusetts Interfaith Power & Light is a non-profit organization that provides a faith based response to climate change by promoting energy efficiency, environmental justice, green job training, and policies that will lead to a sustainable future.